How to apply for a payday loan for the birth of a child

The birth of a child is always a moment full of expectations and hopes, which are also accompanied by many needs: bedroom, cradle, pram, sterilizer, bottle warmer, homogenizer, clothing, games …

So let’s see how to get a payday loan to accompany and support parents during one of the most beautiful events in life.

Which payday loan to choose

Which payday loan to choose

Taken from the many commitments related to pregnancy and the imminent birth, we recommend a payday loan that is simple, quick to obtain and without additional costs, built in short, tailored to the personal needs of the future parents.

The payday loan meets all these requirements, providing the applicant with the possibility to choose the installment and duration of his payday loan.

How to obtain a payday loan

This payday loan can be requested by adults (18 – 70 years) with a good credit position (without protests and delays in the repayment of payday loans in progress), who are Italian or foreign citizens residing in Italy for at least a year and in possession of a valid permit of stay.
The payday loan is payable to employees, self-employed, artisans, entrepreneurs and pensioners.

The procedure for requesting the payday loan requires the minimum documentation and there is no provision for specifying the reasons.

The sum requested, which must be proportionate to the customer’s income and / or reimbursement capacity, is paid by direct credit to the current account.

The return must be withheld from the current account or alternatively with postal bills.

You can choose the amount, from € 2,000 up to € 60,000, and defer it with a constant installment up to a maximum of 120 months.

The payday loan also guarantees a fixed and convenient rate of interest and no additional expense: the ideal form of financing for those who want to focus on the newcomer without other thoughts.